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F u[�F� <br />u � 0 <br />c'�CrFoRN�P <br />What is the Request? <br />FULLERTON COMMUNITY AND ECONOMIC <br />DEVELOPMENT DEPARTMENT <br />NOTICE OF BEEKEEPING <br />Reference number: PRE -2020-0009 <br />The property owner at 801 Ride Out Way is requesting a Residential Beekeeping Permit, in accordance <br />with the Fullerton Municipal Code (FMC). Beekeeping is allowed in single-family residential zones in the <br />City of Fullerton, and a permit is required before bees may be kept on a residential property. Beekeepers <br />are expected to follow Fullerton Best Management Practices, which can be found on the City of Fullerton <br />website at: <br /> <br />Why am I Receiving This Notice? <br />Fullerton Municipal Code Section 15.17.030.S requires an applicant requesting a residential bee- keeping <br />permit to notify adjoining properties. You are receiving this notice because you own property or are a <br />tenant on property adjacent to the proposed residential beekeeping request, or you have asked to be <br />notified when such permit applications are received. In addition, this notice is to allow a person(s) with a <br />medically certified allergy the opportunity to submit a written request that hives not be located on this site. <br />The request must be accompanied by documentation of the allergy. Please make your request, including <br />documentation, by March 26, 2020. <br />Who to Contact if You Have Questions or Comments <br />If you have any questions, please contact Edgardo Caldera with the Community and Economic <br />Development Department at (714) 773-5773 or send an email to EdgardoC(a-) <br />M.- <br />812 <br />H <br />Me a <br />Si tiene preguntas en espanol, favor de Ilamar a Edgardo Caldera al (714) 773-5773. <br />