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ANDREW CHO <br />Fullerton Parent/Businessowner <br />During my childhood, my family moved to Fullerton. Here, I learned <br />the importance of hard work and the value of a dollar. <br />I had a paper route for the Fullerton News Tribune while attending <br />Parks Junior High School, worked my way through high school <br />and college, and was a Fullerton YMCA counselor during graduate <br />school. <br />I became a lawyer and started my own small business helping <br />guide people through difficult challenges to reach their economic <br />recovery. <br />My wife and I are raising our children in Fullerton: one graduated <br />from Sunny Hills High School and two currently attend Fullerton <br />public schools. I've volunteered teaching Sunday school and <br />coaching children's basketball and volleyball. <br />I would be honored to serve our community as your Councilman. <br />I'll fight to: <br />Ensure complete accountability with our taxpayer dollars <br />Protect public safety <br />Encourage business development to help restore and grow our <br />economy <br />I'm not a politician, and I've never run for elected office. I'm a <br />concerned citizen, family man, and small business owner who wants <br />to make Fullerton an even better place to live. <br />My service and experience have earned me endorsements from: <br />Fullerton Mayor Jennifer Fitzgerald <br />Fullerton Senator Ling Ling Chang <br />Former Fullerton Mayor/Senator Dick Ackerman <br />Former Fullerton Assemblywoman Young Kim <br />I would be grateful to have your vote. <br />Candidate to: 5071-2 <br />Generated: 08/11/202011:23:09 AM <br />CITY OF FULLERTON; MEMBER OF THE CITY COUNCIL, DISTRICT 1 . <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br />