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Candidate ID: 5071-1 <br />Generated: 07/16/2020 05:03:10 PM <br />CITY OF FULLERTON; MEMBER OF THE CITY COUNCIL, DISTRICT 1 <br />FRED JUNG <br />Businessowner <br />I am running for City Council in District 1 to restore trust in local <br />leadership and ensure that children and families have an equal <br />opportunity to succeed. <br />If elected, I would be Fullerton's first Korean -American <br />councilmember. <br />My vision for a better Fullerton includes a balanced budget, <br />prioritizing road repair, making Fullerton a leader in clean energy, <br />affordable housing, a strong economy with good jobs, educational <br />excellence, and saving Coyote Hills as open space. <br />My family has deep ties to Fullerton. I served as a Sunny Hills High <br />School football coach for many years, and I am proud that my <br />children attend Fullerton's high-quality public schools in District 1. <br />As the son of hard-working immigrant parents from Seoul, Korea, <br />understand the challenges many families, especially Korean - <br />Americans, face today. I am a successful business owner, and serve <br />as the Director of the largest nonprofit youth football and cheer <br />organization in North Orange County and Westbluff Homeowners <br />Association Director. <br />Please join former Senator Josh Newman, Assemblywoman Sharon <br />Quirk -Silva, Councilmember Jesus Silva and Councitmember <br />Ahmad Zahra, Trustee Joanne Fawley, Trustee Aaruni Thakur, and <br />Fullerton Firefighters Local 3421 in supporting my campaign. <br />It would be an honor to earn your vote. <br />Contact me at <br />