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Candidate ID: 5072-1 <br />Generated: 07/21/2020 08:19:47 AM <br />CITY OF FULLERTON; MEMBER OF THE CITY COUNCIL, DISTRICT 2 <br />CHUCK SARGEANT <br />Business Owner <br />As a Fullerton resident and entrepreneur, it is my desire to use my <br />knowledge and skills to improve the City of Fullerton. <br />started M Park Maintenance Inc in 1999 and have built in up to be <br />one of the tap ten companies in our market share. As President and <br />CFO, I am directly in charge of operations for over 200,000 acres <br />of outside facilities. I have experience with parks and recreation <br />management and balancing budgets <br />My wife and I also started a 501(c)(3) Non-profit rescue/sanctuary <br />and care for small dogs that have been abandoned or neglected. <br />With your vote to City Council, I will focus my efforts on <br />replacing our streets, resolving our downtown parking problems, <br />and generating new businesses to our downtown, commercial, and <br />industrial areas. <br />A vote for me is a vote towards a safe and financially strong <br />Fullerton. <br />If you have any questions, email meat <br />or call me at (714) 504-5144 <br />Sargeantcitycounci <br />