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Candidate ID: 5074-1 <br />Generated: 08/04/2020 09:56:42 AMCITY OF FULLERTON; MEMBER OF THE CITY COUNCIL, DISTRICT 4 <br />AARUNI THAKUR AGE: 40 <br />School Boardmember/Attorney <br />As a lifelong Fullerton District 4 resident, father, husband, attorney, <br />and elected Fullerton School Board Trustee, I am currently serving <br />Fullerton’s students and community. I am running for City Council <br />to give our neighborhoods the voice we haven’t had from one of our <br />very own, born and raised right here in Southwest Fullerton. <br />Before 2016, District 4 did not exist, but Southwest Fullerton has <br />been around since Fullerton was orange groves. When my family <br />moved here 40 years ago, there were still orange groves generating <br />money for the local economy. <br />Serving as Trustee of the Fullerton School District for two years has <br />given me insight into the issues important to Fullerton families. I <br />also have served on the Parks and Recreation Commission and the <br />Fullerton Library Foundation Board. <br />My roots here extend to attending Orangethorpe Elementary, <br />Nicholas Junior High, and Sunny Hills High School. I will <br />immediately address our damaged streets and infrastructure in <br />Southwest Fullerton, provide compassionate solutions for the <br />homelessness crisis, bring in new businesses, and revitalize our <br />local economy. <br />Community leaders endorsing me include Assemblywoman Sharon <br />Quirk-Silva, School Board President Jeanette Vasquez , local <br />educator Gregory Bock, and recent Mayor Jesus Silva. <br />Visit my website to learn more: <br />5074 <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br />