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RFP Timeline <br />We received four proposals from interested parties regarding use of the Bastanchury <br />property. Here is a brief synopsis of the proposals: <br />Amount Proposed Limited <br />Name Ins. Proposed Use Volume Retail <br />Glenn Ranch <br />Stuart Glenn <br />22580 Hidden Hills Rd. <br />Yorba Linda Ca 92886 <br />Community Garden <br />Roger Wilson <br />215 E. Orangethorpe, #305 <br />Fullerton, CA 92832 <br />Yes $4,800 per yr. Strawberries Yes, Roadside <br />Corn, Beans Stand <br />No No guarantee. Community <br />Could accommodate Garden <br />300 plots @ $50/plot <br />plus one time fee of <br />$20 to farmers to off- <br />set initial set up costs. <br />Hacienda Growers Gardens Yes <br />Dennis Huddleston <br />2153 Hacienda Blvd. <br />La Habra Heights, CA 90632 <br />Manassero Farms Yes <br />Dan Manassero <br />526 E. Tahoe Dr. <br />Placentia, CA 92870 <br />$5,000 - 1st year <br />$5,500 - 2nd year <br />$6,000 - 3rd year <br />$6,500 - 4th year <br />$9,100 per year <br />Community Services Recommendation <br />Possible from <br />farmers gardens <br />Ornamental Yes <br />Nursery <br />Stock <br />Strawberries Yes, Roadside <br />Corn, Fruit, Stand <br />etc. <br />Based on the proposals received, the Community Services Department recommends that the <br />City enter into an agreement with Manassero Farms for the term as spelled out in the RFP <br />for a period of four years. <br />Recommendation <br />That the City Council authorize the Mayor to sign the attached land lease agreement with <br />Manassero Farms, and authorize the Director of Community Services to negotiate and enter <br />into future agreements regarding the greenbelt areas. <br />r~ <br />1 <br />~ an Hobson, Superintendent <br />Community Services <br />r_ <br />~ ,. <br />Susan Hunt, Director <br />Community Services <br />SH:JH:mp <br />Attachments - <br />Land Lease Agreement <br />Attachment 1 (Map) <br />RFP <br /> <br />