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JAN23'19 5N 4: <br />Qs f'u�t� <br />�q APPLICATION FOR APPOINTMENT <br />CITY COUNCIL VACANCY <br />The City of Fullerton currently has a vacancy on the City Council for an unexpired term ending <br />December 2020. The vacant seat is an at -large position. Applicants must be registered <br />Fullerton voters at the time of application. <br />Applicants must complete all sections of this form. Applicants must include a 400 -word essay <br />describing why the applicant is the best candidate for appointment and a Fair Political Practices <br />Commission Statement of Economic Interests (Form 700) with their application. <br />APPLICANT CONTACT INFORMATION <br />Name: .I/bwi. d^ L.`I a r, •-Y( A <br />Address: <br /> <br />Phone (H): <br /> <br /> .._ <br />Which City Council District do you reside in?: <br />BACKGROUND AND QUALIFICATIONS <br />Please describe your education and employment background (attach resume if desired): <br />COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT <br />How long have you lived in Fullerton?: .2-7 1490i0—S <br />Title / Years of any current or previous elected offices held:�ew( r! <br />Name / Years of any City boards, committees, commissions on which you have served: 14.46 <br />Description of other community participation & service: wn <br />G�tivcc�owt 47ak tvov4 A r"Je4. <br />�j�vu+ut�olfL �oYi 14i� 1%� �1r�5 <br />16�1 r411 11%e ICidS lo+ jests. <br />