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America’s Water Infrastructure Act Compliance Cost Sharing Agreement <br />October 1, 2019 - Page 2 <br />FISCAL IMPACT <br />Below is an estimate of the expected cost for each Phase. We have committed to <br />Phase I and preliminarily committed to Phases II and III. <br />Phase I - <br />Crosswalk Phase II - RRA Phase III - ERP Phases II & III Total Cost <br />$15,205 $83,662 $61,743 $145,405 $160,610* <br />*These are the costs reflected in Exhibit A to the Agreement (Attachment 1) and may ultimately differ <br />slightly based on participation by other agencies and related shared costs. <br />The total costs for America’s Water Infrastructure Act (AWIA) requirements for the RRA <br />and ERP will be funded within the existing FY 2019-20 appropriations in the Water <br />Fund. <br />DISCUSSION <br />On October 23, 2018, Congress signed into law the AWIA (S.3021, Law 115-270). Per <br />Section 2013 of Title II, the AWIA requires utilities to conduct a RRA of their community <br />water systems and develop a corresponding ERP. Upon completion of the RRA, the <br />utility is to submit self-certification to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency <br />(USEPA) indicating that the RRA, in compliance with AWIA, is complete. Within six <br />months of submitting the RRA certification letter, the community water system is <br />required to submit a self-certification to the USEPA for the corresponding ERP. The <br />legislation requires these documents to be updated every five years. Fullerton must <br />complete the RRA and self-certify compliance by March 31, 2020. The ERP must be <br />completed within six months of self-certification. <br />MWDOC created a shared services project (Attachment 1) with a single contract and <br />reimbursement concept. Fullerton and 28 other agencies have agreed to participate. <br />The group effort will result in a higher level of efficiency in the contracting and <br />completion of the work. MWDOC developed, in coordination with Fullerton and the <br />other agencies, a Request for Proposals package. MWDOC received, reviewed (with <br />assistance from a review committee) and ranked seven proposals and choose to award <br />to Herndon Solutions Group. <br />Phase I Design and Complete a Crosswalk Review - This first task determines what <br />resources Fullerton already has and the gaps for compliance with the AWIA RRA and <br />ERP requirements. Phase I is currently in progress. <br />Phase II Completion of the RRA - Phase II is expected to require the largest level of <br />effort. The RRA will support the assessment and determination of an “all-hazards” <br />approach to determine the risk and resilience of all physical, operational and cyber <br />assets owned, utilized or operated by the Fullerton water utility. The RRA will identify <br />and address the gaps identified under Phase I. <br />Phase III ERP Update – We are expecting a high level of effort for preparation of the <br />ERP depending on the consultant’s assessment of the condition of our existing ERP. <br />The ERP will be updated in a manner that is reflective of how Fullerton operates but <br />also will help to align with local and state partner’s existing plans for coordination,