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tragically lost an employee as well. These are events you don't forget. We cpntinue to be <br />concerned for the safety of our employees, our property and our ability to conduct business in <br />Fullerton under these pressing and dangerous conditions. Currently, we have been in preliminary <br />discussions of how to join in the redevelopment of Downtown Fullerton with our business <br />property after witnessing the great re -design of the Anaheim Packing District. The surge of new <br />business opportunity surrounding a re -furbished packing shed is an exciting possibility. But now, <br />with this proposed homeless "safe parking" pilot project, these kinds of plans are stifled if not <br />entirely abandoned. <br />We demand to know what other options and sites did managers office have? We ask <br />that there be an emergency meeting to discuss the other options with all the stakeholders in the <br />immediate area. We'seek to understand why we were excluded from this process and what kind <br />of safeguards and protections can we expect to have in place to address potential damage, <br />physical and economic, that may occur with the establishment of this pilot project? What <br />guarantees do we have that a "pilot" project does not become permanent without an <br />environmental and economic assessment? We request that the city postpone the <br />implementation of this project until these and other questions have been answered. We hope <br />to be able to recommend other courses of action that might be part of a greater solution. As one <br />of the oldest, continuous farming businesses in Orange County, we are hopeful that the city <br />embraces our agricultural/food capabilities and seeks alliance instead of disinterest and <br />disregard. <br />Thank you for listening to our concerns. <br />Respectfully, <br />A.G. and Matt Kawamura <br />Orange County Produce, LLC <br />LUI, LLC <br />