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Orange County Produce LLC <br />November 5, 2019 <br />Fullerton City Council <br />City of Fullerton <br />303 W. Commonwealth Avenue <br />Fullerton, CA 92832 <br />RE: Homeless "Safe Parking' Pilot Program Proposal <br />Dear Mayor Silva, Honorable Council Members and City Manager Domer, <br />My name is A.G. Kawamura and I would like to address a deep concern today that has come to <br />our attention due to the proposed actions of the City of Fullerton. My brother Matt and I are the <br />owners of the property at 210 W. Walnut Ave. For almost 60 years our family has successfully <br />operated agricultural businesses from our Fullerton property. Orange County Produce, LLC and <br />Orange County Land Management Services are two of those businesses that are still active today. <br />Last week on Oct.28t' our company received a call from an individual who asked if we would be <br />willing to rent some space for temporary showers and portable toilets at our business property <br />at 210 W. Walnut Ave. With great dismay, we learned for the first time that these facilities would <br />be for infrastructure support of the "Safe Parking" pilot project program for the. homeless <br />proposed to be sited immediately behind our business. We had not heard of the project <br />proposal, and after calling some of our neighbors we have discovered that none of us had been <br />contacted or notified of the plan to create a mobile parking area on the city property behind our <br />businesses in response to the homelessness crisis in Fullerton. Not only were we as business <br />owners left out of the decision-making process, we believe that the local residential community <br />was not informed as well. <br />On Oct. 29 we attended the City Council meeting and learned that City Council had authorized <br />and directed the City Manager on a (3-2) vote to design a mitigation effort to reduce and resolve <br />the issues of homelessness in Fullerton. Under other circumstances we would applaud this effort <br />as our businesses and others in the area have been negatively impacted to a high degree from <br />the challenges of some homeless individuals trespassing, vandalizing and damaging our property, <br />harassing our employees and threatening, on several occasions, bodily harm. We have <br />complained and reported these repeated incidents and are fortunate that no one has been <br />harmed. Almost 60 years ago we lost our first Fullerton packing shed to a vagrant arsonist and <br />11405 Jeffrey Road Irvine, CA 92602 (949) 451-0880 FAX (949) 451-0885 <br />