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FAISAL QAZI AGE: 46 <br />Neurologist/Businessman/Parent <br />As a physician dedicated to my patient's care and their families' <br />concerns, as a neighbor working to assure the wellbeing of our <br />community through social and charitable services, as a small <br />business owner who provides free medical care to the underserved, <br />and as a devoted father of former foster -youth, my life revolves <br />around uplifting the lives of our residents. Growing up In an <br />immigrant family as we overcame our struggles to reach the <br />American dream, my parents instilled in me a drive to not only <br />succeed for myself but to pursue endeavors that will perpetually <br />benefit those around me and this is precisely why I am running <br />to represent District 2 on the Fullerton City Council. The year <br />2020 has seen our world drastically change as we adapt to the <br />COVID-19 pandemic. As your Counctmember, I will fight to restore <br />our decaying infrastructure, foster economic development that can <br />meet the needs of today and tomorrow, and secure the public <br />health of our community. <br />Candidate ID: 5072-4 <br />Generated: 08/11/202012:46:24 PM <br />CITY OF FULLERTON; MEMBER OF THE CITY COUNCIL, DISTRICT 2 <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br />