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O� U4 � <br /> �o <br /> u , = <br /> „........,,:,-. <br /> C9 �P/FOR� <br /> Agenda R <br /> Fullerton City Council <br /> MEETING DATE: JULY 18, 2017 <br /> TO: CITY COUNCIL / CITY MANAGER <br /> FROM: POLICE DEPARTMENT <br /> SUBJECT: URBAN AREAS SECURITY INITIATIVE (UASI) GRANT <br /> SUMMARY <br /> City Council is asked to approve the FY2016 Urban Areas Security Initiative (UASI) <br /> agreement and accept grant funding on behalf of the Police Department, estimated at <br /> $5622.00. <br /> RECOMMENDATION <br /> Approve the 2016 UASI agreement, accept UASI grant funding totaling an estimated <br /> $5622.00 from the City of Anaheim and increase appropriations to Grant Fund 32 in the <br /> same amount. <br /> FISCAL IMPACT <br /> Grant funding will help offset salary costs of trained Fullerton sworn personnel involved <br /> with the instruction and delivery of approved UASI courses. <br /> DISCUSSION <br /> The Fullerton Police and Fire departments have been partners in the Urban Areas <br /> Security Initiative (UASI) Grant Program administered by the cities of Santa Ana and <br /> Anaheim since its inception in 2009. Grant funds originate from the Department of <br /> Homeland Security and Federal Emergency Management Agency, through the <br /> Governor's Office of Emergency Services and are used to support first responders' <br /> capacity to respond to terrorism acts or threats. The limited funding this year, estimated <br /> at $5622.00, will reimburse for personnel costs of Fullerton police officers providing <br /> UASI-approved instruction. Additional benefits for Fullerton provided by other City of <br /> Anaheim UASI funds include: <br /> • Ballistic protection equipment for Fire personnel responding in a hostile environment <br />