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National Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week Food Challenge <br />November 16 - 24, 2019_ <br /> <br />Housing is a Human Right Orange County (HHROC) has a calendar to host National Hunger and <br />Homelessness Awareness Week Nov. 16-24, 2019. A full calendar of the wee is available at <br />https.IlsummeroftheneQuie. orp/events <br />This week includes a SNAP CalFresh Food Challenge which invites individuals/families to pledge to <br />live on a SNAP budget for one week. CalFresh (SNAP) provides nutrition benefits to supplement the <br />food budget of needy families so they can purchase healthy food and move towards self-sufficiency. <br />Based on your income and family size awards are made. Very few receive the full amount due to a <br />variety of calculations, but for this experience you will get full dollar amount. <br />The maximum monthly allotment for family size of: <br />1 person = $194 <br />2 persons = $355 <br />3 persons = $509 <br />4 persons = $646 <br />5 persons = $768 <br />6 persons = $921 <br />Select your family size. Identify your award. Divide dollar amount by 4 and there is your weeks <br />budget. We appreciate your genuine efeffortliving within these means. Please share your experience <br />with others. <br />Items purchased must fall in these 4 groups: <br />1. Fruits or vegetables; <br />2. Meat, poultry, fish; <br />3. Dairy products; and <br />4. Breads or cereals. <br />For more information and online CalFresh application: <br /> 228 <br /> <br />http://ssa. ocaov. com/calfresh/a pp Iv/calfre s h <br /> OC Food Access Coalition <br />"Food insecurity is a condition of not having enough food to eat but also not having access to a <br />sufficient variety of foods for adequate nourishment. Food insecurity impacts over 13% of adults and <br />24% of children in Orange County." OC Food Access Coalition <br />Any support in spreading this Challenge appreciated. We are asking County and City leaders to <br />accept the challenge. <br />Thank you for your time and attention to recognizing how our most vulnerable individuals and families <br />try to provide adequate nutrition in their home when lucky enough to have one. Now imagine living on <br />the street! <br />