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Fut <br />` Agenda Report <br />Fullerton City Council <br />MEETING DATE: FEBRUARY 4, 2019 <br />TO: CITY COUNCIL / SUCCESSOR AGENCY <br />FROM: KENNETH A. DOMER, CITY MANAGER <br />PREPARED BY: ELLIS CHANG, DIRECTOR OF ADMINISTRATIVE <br />SERVICES <br />SUBJECT: MUNICIPAL ADVISORY SERVICES AND DEBT <br />REFUNDING <br />SUMMARY <br />This report provides an overview of the City's existing debt issuances and opportunities <br />for refinancing. City staff seek authorization to obtain municipal advisory services and to <br />refund the City's 2005 Tax Allocation Bonds. <br />RECOMMENDATION <br />1. Authorize staff to obtain municipal advisory services. <br />2. Authorize City Manager or designee to execute agreement with municipal advisor. <br />3. Adopt Resolution No. 2020 -XX. <br />RESOLUTION NO. 2020 -XX — A RESOLUTION OF THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE <br />CITY OF FULLERTON, CALIFORNIA, AUTHORIZING REFUNDING OF THE <br />CITY'S 2005 TAX ALLOCATION REVENUE BONDS <br />BUDGET POLICY PRIORITY STATEMENT <br />This item matches the following Budget Policy Priority Statement: <br />• Fiscal and Organizational Stability. <br />FISCAL IMPACT <br />Any municipal advisory services will be paid from any debt refundings. Further, any <br />refunding costs for bond counsel, disclosure counsel, underwriters, trustee, verification <br />agent, etc. will be paid from any debt refundings. The estimated savings shown in this <br />report is net of all costs of issuance. <br />