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Fut <br />` Agenda Report <br />Fullerton City Council <br />MEETING DATE: FEBRUARY 4, 2020 <br />TO: CITY COUNCIL / SUCCESSOR AGENCY <br />SUBMITTED BY: KENNETH A. DOMER, CITY MANAGER <br />PREPARED BY: GRETCHEN BEATTY, DIRECTOR OF HUMAN <br />RESOURCES <br />LAURA GIANNETTI-MERCER, HUMAN RESOURCES <br />MANAGER II <br />SUBJECT: PERSONNEL MANAGEMENT SYSTEM CHANGES <br />RELATING TO ESTABLISHING PAYROLL TECHNICIAN <br />AND HUMAN RESOURCES TECHNICIAN SERIES <br />SUMMARY <br />Proposed amendment to the City of Fullerton personnel classification plan to establish <br />two classification series at the technician level related to the administration of the payroll <br />process and the human resources process and further to delete superseded class <br />specifications. <br />RECOMMENDATION <br />Adopt Resolution No. 2020 -XX. <br />RESOLUTION NO. 2020 -XX — A RESOLUTION OF THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY <br />OF FULLERTON, CALIFORNIA, ADOPTING AND DELETING CERTAIN CLASS <br />SPECIFICATIONS FROM THE PERSONNEL SYSTEM AND AMENDING THE <br />APPENDIX OF RESOLUTION NO. 2018-11 RELATING TO COMPENSATION FOR <br />CONFIDENTIAL/NON REPRESENTED EMPLOYEES <br />PRIORITY POLICY STATEMENT <br />This item matches the following Priority Policy Statement: <br />0 Fiscal and Organizational Stability. <br />