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Page: 1 <br />Use of force Investigation #: FN19-0134 Received: Dec 10, 1994 <br />GO No: 94-17850 <br />Type of service being performed at time of incident: <br />Reason for use-of-force: <br />Officer assessment of citizen condition: <br />Subject was injured: No <br />Subject was taken to hospital: No <br />Subject was charged/arrested in relation to the incident: No Employee was injured: <br />No <br />Employee was taken to hospital: No <br />Distance employee was from Involvedsubject: <br />Involved subject: <br />Involved subject Height: <br />Involved subject: <br />TAYO VALEN BOND <br />Employees involved: <br />Sergeant Jason D. Schoen [954] <br />Employee current info: <br />Division : Operations <br />Bureau: Patrol <br />Unit: <br />Snapshot - Employee information at time of incident: <br />User Name: 954 <br />Division : Operations <br />Bureau: Patrol <br />Unit: <br />Rank/title: Sergeant <br />Age: 55 Years of employment: 30 Years with unit: 6 <br />Off duty: Unk Off duty employed: Unk <br />Witnesses: <br />Linked address(s): <br />Home: <br />Linked address(s): <br />Home: <br />Linked address(s):