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Candidate ID: 5072-3 <br />Generated: 08/11/2020 02:59:26 PMCITY OF FULLERTON; MEMBER OF THE CITY COUNCIL, DISTRICT 2 <br />MACKENZIE CHANG <br />Asylum Officer/Teacher <br />I don’t have the traditional 'qualifications' of a local politician. I’m <br />a millennial. I don’t have entrenched business interests in the city. <br />I will donate half of my salary as your council member into local <br />charity efforts. <br />I’m an asylum officer, a former teacher, and a product of Fullerton’s <br />excellent schools. <br />I believe in the power of the market and the individual to maintain <br />a strong community. <br />Increasing Fullerton’s sales tax during a recession is a short-sighted <br />measure that will hurt Fullerton overall. The measure is a product of <br />the government’s long-term mismanagement of city budgets which <br />they expect the taxpayer to atone for. <br />While I was a teacher with the Peace Corps in Ukraine, I spent two <br />years traveling on terrible roads. Much to my dismay, I returned to <br />Fullerton to find that many of our own roads are in similar condition <br />despite the highest gas taxes in the USA. <br />Fullerton must confront its city pension problem, kicking the can <br />down the road will only continue to reduce the services the city can <br />provide in the future. Reforming the pension system must be on the <br />agenda for Fullerton’s healthy future. <br />Mackenzie Chang <br />Candidate for District 2 Fullerton City Council <br />5072 <br />Candidate Signature Date <br />e <br />Supervisor Signature Date <br />Once this document is signed by the candidate, the <br />statement will be published without further <br />modification.NOCHANGESWILLBEALLOWED. <br />