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An Ordinance amending Ordinance number 10, entitled An Ord-inance providing a license for dogs running at large within the corporation limits of the City of Fullerton, and creating a <br />public pound, and relating to the management thereof.TO? ayl off 3?w9ta?B of SHQ City' f Wi&llea?ton 1?1 r'&aifl as0 08?etl?Ti a;-8@oti??s 1 f aai'3, 3?dLiraa]?i<8Q Is <br />am?nd,Q(l as f?ll?ws:-S<3<etio^ l;-toy s>Q21?,?^ p'sffaoyas pi7ig a Aog 3? loga itSiln0 ee?p?s'>at? llait? pf t^Q Gity f BuIl?s?t?n sisall prQciaB'Q annually,farom t^e Gity Maye^alg <br />a tag f?? alcVs f sueh lo^Sg foa? vhioh h? shallpay a y?as>Xy 3.1??m? tax ff ne lollar loOO) for a?% raal? dogM t^? aollaffa faoOO^ fosp oa^ fomail? S?goSQetiQin 8;=. U?n 4 f tM? sal^ <br />s"togm&? IB ne^Qby am?n?a?Aas f?ia?ws;-s??tl?n 4?A%y pQffsei'ii iB^iltig t? s'ed.??? a S@g a? m-p?u^l?a ahall pay te) th? Bflaaps^a^ th? aBB?i,m'& f tSs? lifcenaa tax fos?said Aog ani <br />8 mam f 2o50 s a yeiSerflption f?a nfm Vhe Marshalsal3. il?livQ3F Mm t^e aail i?g ith & wytifleat? f piar<sha8?o Th?Mas'ohal shall baa ntltl?dl t? ffQ<aQiv<8 the was f floOO for ai&h&?g <br />Qrapouafl,Qlo-' ileiia is1?S8ll Q ai<a to t?se Bl?puty P?tmd Mastay, iftiaQ^Q b? CT?oS?<stl?n S:c-TSs? City Gl?y& shall yam?? tMs o^diaa^ce to b?p^blishefi n?Q tta? i!ill%'t??a o^Bo <br />Q3p?ys?on ii<S, i?ff?aft?r itshall too i?i ftai fsro? avsd offfeotojThe above Ordinance was passed by the affirmative vote of at leastthree of the Trustees of the City of Fullerton, <br />and is signedand attested by the City Clerk and approved by the Presidentof the Board of Trustees of the City of Fullerton this 3rd day of August, 1908.oby thQ Prosirient oforo iSBisiCTJuaoCity <br />CleffiKo 3Po G?'a3.tog<, Jroo3P3?Qao B@a3r<a f STustaQS,BIB]37824-U01ORD-U0272-U028/3/1908)-U02LI19282-U03FO32300-U03FO32424-U03DO32427-U03C12-U03ORDINANCES-U036/27/2003-U04BIRD-U04