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as assessed by the County Assessor of the County of Orange, Stateof California, and returned to the Board of Trustees of the City of Fullerton by the County Auditor of the County of <br />Orange.her^a??., t i.^l'l o> 3?.! f'Trustee? of the. City of Full?3?ton ill, by m Orlinan^e-n'-saborei W77I(, qn.1, ontitla-l An Ori&inanc?fiicins %4o^nt of Tasmey t?) R y? <br />hy t%xation u^on the' taxiahleproperty of the 3ity of 5'ullertorig %s a revenue for marrying o-n th?various lepartmentQ of the aail City' for the current fiscal yeas? of1908?l90@<, wi <br />to siay the In'lebtslnQss of the'aai^ nity<, f%lli?!g clue luring the sal's ye^ro"' fix the m-sm neieesaary to be ralseri bytaxation of the taxable property of the Rai-l iity at the <br />sui-.! oflOgOOOg of 7hleh susa it %s neeessayy to raise the sum of Sg^OOfor the Eo%l inflo the siaa f 1800 o for the neral un&v an4 thesum of 1500 fo'? the Library Ftolo h? Boarl of <br />Trusteea of ihe Qity of Pullerton lo ordain asfollo"ys:-Se&tiQn lo That the rate f taxation in The Uty o^' Pullertonfor the yrrent fiseal year of 1908-1909 o iB hereby fixe'l an'i es-tablishel <br />ani shall he the sian' of eighty-seven cents on each onenundre'A loll^r% valuition f the taxable property within the saldlBIB]37824-U01ORD-U0278-U029/8/1908)-U02LI19282-U03FO32300-U03FO32424-U03DO324 <br />3-U03C12-U03ORDINANCES-U036/27/2003-U04BIRD-U04