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The Board of Trustees of the City of Fullerton do ordain as follows:Section 1: No person, firm, company, association orcorporation shall bury any dead animal at any point in the City <br />of Fullertonwithin a radius of one mile from the intersection of Chapman and Spears Road.Section 2. Any violation of this ordinance shall constitute a misdemeanor, and any person convicted <br />thereof shall be punishedby a fine not to exceed two hundred dollars or by imprisonmentnot to exceed thirty days, or by both such fine and imprisonment,and in case said fine be not paid, <br />it may be collected by theimprisonmnet of the defendant at the rate of two dollars of suchfine for each day's imprisonment, provided that the total imprisonmentshall not exceed ninety <br />days.Section 3. The City Clerk shall cause this ordinance to be published once in the Fullerton News and thereupon and thereafter it shall be in full force and effect.The above ordinance <br />was passed by the affirmative vote of atleast three trustees of the City of Fullerton, and is signed, approved and attested this 2nd day of November, 1908.BIB]37826-U01ORD-U0281-U0211/2/1908)-U02LI19 <br />82-U03FO32300-U03FO32424-U03DO32436-U03C12-U03ORDINANCES-U036/27/2003-U04BIRD-U04