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TION.THE CITY COUNCIL OP THE CITY OF FULLERTON DOES ORDAINAS FOLLOWS:SECTION 1. The City Council of the City of Fuller-tonfinds:That heretofore the City Council of the City of Fuller-ton <br />was officially notified, by the Boundary Commission of the Countyof Oran-'e, State of California, that said Boundary Commission hadapproved the annexation to the City of Fuller-ton of <br />the territoryhereinafter mentioned, and that the City Council of the City ofFul3.erton received a petition in writing requesting that said ter-ritory which is described in Section 2 <br />of this ordinance be annexedto and Included within said City of Fullcrton. That said oetitionwas signed by the owners of not less than one-fourt of the area ofland in paid territory <br />representinr not less than one-fourth of theassessed value of such territory as shown on the last eeualiz.cdassessment roll of the County of Oran-c-e, State of California where-in aid <br />territory is situated. That said territory is uninhabitedwithin the leaning- of the Annexation of Uninhabited T'erritory Actof 1939" d is contiguous to the City of Fullerton, and does <br />notfor""; a Dart O'F' ry rr.uniciDal corporation. That pursuant to theprovisions of a statute of the State of California known as theAnnexation of Uninhabited Territory Act of 1?39 <br />as Amended", saidCity Council adopted its Resolution No. 1^13 on November 27,giving notice of such oroposod annexation and designatin.c saidterritory to be annexed as South Gilbert Annexation, <br />and fixingthe hour of 8:00 P.M. on January 2, 1952, at the Council Chamberat the City Hall of the City of Fullerton, at Fullerton, California,as the hour, day and pla.ce for hearina' <br />objections to said proposedanncxa.tion. That a copy of said resolution was published in saidFullerton Daily News Tribune, a newspaper of general circulationBIB]37785-U01ORD-U02572-U022/5/1952)-U02LI <br />9282-U03FO31118-U03FO31493-U03DO31508-U03C12-U03ORDINANCES-U035/27/2003-U04BIRD-U04