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THE CITY OF PULLERTON AND THEREIN REGULATING THEUSE OF LAND, HEIGHT OF BUILDINGS AND YARD SPACES:ADOPTING A MAP SHOWING THE BOUNDARIES OF SAID ZONES,DEFINING THE TERMS USED IN THIS ORDINANCE, <br />PROVIDINGFOR ITS ADJUSTMENT, AMENDMENT AND ENFORCEMENT: PRE-SCRIBING PENALTIES FOR VIOLATIONS AND REPEALING ORPORTIONS OF ORDINANCES IN CONFLICT THEREWITH.The City Council of the City <br />of Fullerton ordains asfollows:SECTION 1:Sheets Nos. E-3 and E-8 of the Districting Map, commonlyknown as the zoning map) of the City of Fullerton, being a partof Ordinance No. 524, <br />as amended, is hereby amended by changingthe classification of certain properties described as approxi-mately 20.25 acres of land located along the east side of NorthRaymond Avenue approximately <br />880 feet south of Dorothy Lane and300 feet north of the north boundary of Tract No. 469, all ofwhich said changes are Indicated by the said sheets Nos. E-3and E-8 of said Districting <br />Map, which such sheets are attachedhereto and adopted hereby and thereby made a part of said District-ing Map being a part of said Ordinance No. $24, as amended.SECTION 2:The City Clerk <br />shall certify to the passage of this ordi-nance and shall cause the same to be published once in the DailyNews Tribune, a daily newspaper, printed, published and circulatedin the City <br />of Fullerton, and hereby designated for th&.t purpose,and thirty 30) days thereafter shall take effect and be in forceand shall govern In all matters provided for herein.I, CARRIE D. <br />ADAMS, City Clerk of the City of Fullerton,do hereby certify that the foregoing Ordinance was introduced ata regular meeting of the City Council held on the 20th day ofMay 1952 and was <br />finally passed at a regular meeting of the CityCouncil held on the 4 th day of June, 1952 by the following vote:AYES: COUNCILMEN: Crew, Wood, Chapman, Dutton andWardenBIB]37789-U01ORD-U02583-U026/4 <br />1952)-U02LI19282-U03FO31118-U03FO31493-U03DO31519-U03C12-U03ORDINANCES-U035/27/2003-U04BIRD-U04