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LAND LYING WESTERLY OF NORTH SPADRA ROAD ANDBOUNDED ON THE SOUTH BY THE PACIFIC ELECTRIC RAILROAD.THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF FULLERTON DOES ORDAINAS FOLLOWS:SECTION 1: In order <br />to provide for the proper futuredevelopment of the hereinafter described land. Ordinance No. 535>establishing an official plan of streets and highways for the Cityof Fullerton is amended <br />as hereinafter provided.SECTION 2: Section 7 of Ordinance No. 555 is amended byadding thereto subparagraphs I and J reading as follows:I. Item Five 5) of the Official Plan of Streets <br />andHighways of the City of Fullerton is hereby adopted, con-sisting of an irregularly shaped parcel of land adjoiningNorth Spadra Road on the west and the Pacific ElectricRailroad right-of-way <br />on the north, all as more particu-larly shown on the map hereto attached, which map is here-by adopted as an official plan for said area.J. The following items are hereby established <br />as apart of the Official Plan in Item Five 5):a) The future uses of the various portions of saidproperty shall be substantially of the respective types or forthe respective purposes <br />shown on said map.b) Ad srence to the dimensions shown upon said mapshall be required; where no dimensions are indicated, the scaleshown upon said map shall be employed to determine <br />the dimensions.c) The areas proposed by the Official Plan in ItemFive 5), to be dedicated for public purposes shall be Improvedin the manner required by the specifications of the City <br />of Fuller-ton, and the areas set aside for parking and access purposes, whichare not to be so dedicated, shall be improved in such manner asto assure safety and to prevent the creation <br />of dust or mud.BIB]37789-U01ORD-U02589-U029/2/1952)-U02LI19282-U03FO31118-U03FO31493-U03DO31525-U03C12-U03ORDINANCES-U035/27/2003-U04BIRD-U04