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The City Council of the City of Fullerton ordains asfollows:SECTION 1:Sheet W-10 of the Districting Map, commonly known as thezoning map) of the City of Fullerton, being a part of OrdinanceNo. <br />524, as amended, is hereby amended by changing the classifica-tion of certain property described as Lot 8, Stern and NicolasSubdivision, all of which said change is indicated by the <br />saidsheet No. W-10 of said Districting Map, which such sheet is attach-ed hereto and adopted hereby and thereby made a part of said Dist-ricting Map being a part of said Ordinance No. <br />524, as amended.SECTION 2:The City Clerk shall certify to the passage of thisordinance and shall cause the same to be published once in theDally News Tribune, a dally newspaper, printed, <br />published and cir-culated in the City of Fullerton, ajid hereby designated for thatpurpose, and thirty 30) days thereafter shall take effect and bein force and shall govern in all matters <br />provided for herein.I, Carrie D. Adams, City Clerk of the City of Fullertondo hereby certify that the foregoing Ordinance was introduced ata regular meeting of the City Council held <br />on the 2nd day ofSeptember, 1952, and was finally passed at a regular meeting ofsaid City Council held on the l6th day of September, 1952, bythe following vote:AYES: COUNCILMEN: Crew, <br />Wood, Chapman, Dutton andWardenNOES: COUNCILMEN: NoneABSENT: COUNCILMEN: NoneATTEST: Carrie D. AdamsCITY CLERK OF THE CITY OFFULLERTONBIB]37789-U01ORD-U02590-U029/16/1952)-U02LI19282-U03FO3111 <br />-U03FO31493-U03DO31526-U03C12-U03ORDINANCES-U035/27/2003-U04BIRD-U04