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OF MINIMUM SANITARY AND OTHER FACILITIES; PROVIDINGFOR THE ADMINISTRATION THEREOF AND PRESCRIBING PENAL-TIES FOR THE VIOLATION THEREOF; REPEALING ORDINANCE NO.529.THE CITY COUNCIL OF <br />THE CITY OF FULLERTON, CALIFORNIA,DOES ORDAIN AS FOLLOWS:SECTION JL: DEFINITIONSFor the purpose of this ordinance certain words and. phrasesare defined and certain provisions shall be <br />construed as Hereinset out, unless it shall be apparent from their context that theyhave a different meaning. Words used in the singular Include theplural and words in the present tense <br />include the future.BUILDING DEPARTMENT: The Building Department or the Build-ing Inspector of the City of Fullerton, California.FAMILY: One person living alon^, or a group of two 2)or <br />more persons, whether related to each other or not, livingtogether in a house trailer.FIRE DEPARTMENT: The Fire Department or the Fire Chief ofthe City of Fullerton, CaliforniaHEALTH <br />DEPARTMENT: The Health Department or the HealthOfficer of the City of Fullerton, California.HOUSE TRAILER: Any unit used for living and/or sleepingpurposes and wr^ich is equipped with <br />wheels or other similar de-vices used for the purposes of transporting said unit from placeto place, whether by motive pow'^r or other means.PERSONS: A natural person, a firm, an association <br />or acorporation.TRAILER PARK includes trailer osourt and trailer camp):Any place or area in the City of Fullerton wherein two 2) ormore house trailers are located and used as living <br />and/or sleep-ing quarters for one or more families or persons with the expressconsent of the owners or person in charge of the land upon whichthe trailer park is located.BIB]37789-U01ORD-U02592-U0212 <br />8/1952)-U02LI19282-U03FO31118-U03FO31493-U03DO31528-U03C12-U03ORDINANCES-U035/27/2003-U04BIRD-U04