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4 F~<< <br />O <br />CITY COUNCIL AGENDA <br />c `~/~P <br />\~~FOR% <br />TO: CITY MANAGER/CITY COUNCIL <br />FROM: COMMUNITY SERVICES <br />DATE: JULY 16, 1996 <br />SUBJECT: BASTANCHURY PROPERTY LEASE -PARCEL A <br />Background <br />The Bastanchury greenbelt area (four parcels between Malvern and Euclid) was donated to <br />the City by Hughes Aircraft in 1980 with a grant deed restriction that the property be used for <br />"park and recreation purposes." In the interim, Hughes approved agricultural uses and the <br />City has entered into several leases with various growers over the years. <br />RFP Preparation/Timeline <br />Staff issued a Request for Proposals (RFP) in June 1996, for the lease of Parcel A, <br />beginning the end of July 1996, with the following provisions: <br />1. Parcel A is the westerly portion of the property from Malvern Avenue to <br />Hughes Drive, and Bastanchury Road and Union Pacific railroad right-of-way, <br />5.4 acres. <br />2. In conformance with deed restrictions, only agricultural and limited volume <br />retail will be allowed. The term will be for two years with two one-year options. <br />3. A minimum bid of $4,500 annually was requested on Parcel A. The minimum <br />bid was established in consultation with the City's real property agent, who <br />indicates Parcel A has a fair market rent greater than the other parcels, as it is <br />prime agricultural land. <br />4. To maximize available agricultural area, the City easements on both sides of <br />the channel will be dual purpose, for maintenance access by the City and for <br />recreational trail users. <br />5. The RFP required that the tenant be responsible for waterlines, meters, <br />fencing, utilities, all improvements and certain insurance coverage. <br />6. There is a provision requiring preservation and protection of the existing <br />pepper and eucalyptus trees. <br />Other sections of the lease are unchanged or very similar to the existing lease agreements. <br />Community Services Commission Action <br />The Community Services Commission reviewed the RFP (Request for Proposals) application <br />form at its May 13, 1996 meeting. <br />Approved for Agenda: <br />~ ~~ )~ <br />C Manager <br />ITEM # d <br />