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AGREEMENT FOR PUBLIC IMPROVEMENTS <br />IN AREA DESIGNATED AS DP-84-20 <br />THIS AGREEMENT WITNESSETH: <br />~~ <br />That whereas the undersigned has applied for a permit from the <br />City of Fullertonz to do certain public improvements in said City <br />in the particulars and upon the real property, described in said <br />application, and <br />Whereas no permit therefor may be issued unless said applicant <br />agrees to do and complete all work commenced under .the authority of <br />such permit within the time specified therefor and~in the manner <br />required by law and by said permit and to furnish to said City a <br />cash or surety bond to secure such performance. <br />Now, therefore, in consideration of the premises and the issuance <br />of said permit by said City the undersigned hereby agrees: <br />1. That within one ear after the date of .this agree- <br />ment, the undersigned wil. furnis install, complete and pay for <br />all of the public improvements specified or ref erred to in said <br />permit and all of the fees, engineering costs and overhead expenses <br />of said City in connection therewith, including any and all of: <br />a. The grading and paving of streets and alleys, the <br />construction of concrete curb, curb and gutter, crossgutters <br />and sidewalks, the installation of storm drainage and sani- <br />tary sewerage facilities, the underground conduit street <br />lighting system, the street name signs, the parkway trees, <br />and the appurtenances and contingencies, shown on the <br />improvement plans filed with said City for said permit, all <br />in accordance with said plans and the standard specifications <br />and drawings of said City on file in the of f ic:e of its City <br />Engineer for such improvements. <br />b. The onsite and offsite water mains and related facilities <br />in and to said property shown on the plans therefor, approved <br />by the Manager of the Municipal Utilities Department of said <br />City, all in accordance with said plans and the provisions <br />of Chapter 12.04 of the Fullerton Municipal Code. <br />2. That said City may cause to be completed any of said work <br />commenced and not completed by said date, or any extE~nsion of time <br />granted by the City Engineer, time being expressly made of the <br />essence hereof, and the undersigned hereby agrees to pay to said City <br />upon demand all of its costs thereof, including al.l payments to, and <br />for the benefit of, any of its employees in connection with its <br />completion of said work, plus ten per cent of all of such costs for <br />its overhead expenses therefor. <br />3. That any extension of time granted by the City Engineer of <br />said City shall not constitute any waiver by said City of any of <br />its other rights hereunder. <br />4. That he will pay to said City a sum equal to the reason~ak~le <br />value of any legal sez•vices rendered to it in any action upon this <br />agreement in which a j~udgnient is entered in favor o:C said City, <br />and that any such sum may be fixed by the court in any such action <br />and added to any such judgment. <br />Executed at Fullerton Ca i rnia hi <br />1 0 t s o~~ day of <br />19 S. <br />(A certified copy of the <br />Resolution of the Board of <br />Directors showing authority <br />to execute for a Corporation <br />must be attached.) <br />orp9rate, ,irm o~___fictitious name ) <br />(~g~E~nature of Officez, Partner <br />Proprietor) <br />~~~, ~ <br />Official Capacity <br />APPRO <br />R K SOX <br />ft~t~~R~ON CttY ATTt3RNfY <br />