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NOTICE OF COMPLETION <br />AND Manaktala, Surinder <br />RELEASE OF SURETY BOND <br />March 25, 2003 <br />PROJECT ADDRESS: TRACT 13298, ASSESSOR'S PARCEL 281-181-02 <br />PROJECT NAME: AGREEMENT FOR MAINTENANCE OF LANDSCAPING <br />BOND NUMBER: 3SM 754 909 00 <br />COMPLETION DATE: MARCH 25, 2003 <br />DESCRIPTION: Release of a Performance Bond posted to ensure proper <br />maintenance of landscaping. <br />CERTIFICATION: This project has been completed in a satisfactory <br />manner. <br />DATE o Rosen <br />ief Planner <br />IN ACCORDANCE WITH CITY COUNCIL RESOLUTION NUMBER 5675, THE <br />ABOVE PROJECT .HAS BEEN COMPLETED AND THE CITY CLERK IS HEREBY <br />AUTHORIZED TO FILE A NOTICE OF COMPLETION AND/OR RELEASE THE <br />SURETY HELD THEREFOR. <br />F Paul Dudl <br />Director Development Services <br />NOTICE FILED: <br />SURETY NOTIFIED <br />3a~~3 <br />Mail bond to: <br />Kemper Surety/ Art Olive <br />2920 Kilgore Rd <br />Rancho Cordova, Ca 95670 <br />Phone: 916-851-7509 <br />i'? / <br />~/Gc--c.-~, <br />Beverley White, CMC <br />Clerk Services Nfanager <br />