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cTT'Y <br />TO: CITY MANAGER/CITY COUNCIL <br />FROM: COMMUNITY SERVICE <br />DATE: SEPTEMBER 19, 2000 <br />nr~lvnn <br />SUBJECT: BASTANCHURY GREEI'~BELT (PARCEL A) LEASE AGREEMENT <br />PURPOSE <br />The purpose of this agenda letter is to amend the City's agreement (Attachment A) with <br />Manassero Farms to extend the lease !jbf parcel A of the Bastanchury Greenbelt for six months <br />with an option to continue on a month-tmonth basis. <br />BACKGROUND <br />Hughes Aircraft donated the Bastanchury Greenbelt to the City in 1980; this property is located <br />along Bastanchury Road between Mal~!~rn Avenue and Euclid Avenue. The grant deed carries <br />a restriction that requires the prope to be used for park and recreation purposes only. <br />Hughes has allowed the City to lease! the property for agricultural uses until the greenbelt is <br />developed. <br />On August 20, 1996, the City entered ~Ignto a lease agreement (Attachment B) with Manassero <br />Farms for parcel A of the Bastanchury reenbelt. Parcel A (Attachment C) is a 5.4-acre section <br />west of the open channel between Bal tanchury Road and Hughes Drive. Manassero Farms <br />pays $9,100 annually for the lease of~,',this property, and they are limited to the growing and <br />selling of seasonal crops. <br />DISCUSSION <br />Manassero Farms' lease expired on Jul! 31, 2000, and they would like to extend the lease as <br />long as possible. Staff is currently expring development options with the Amerige Heights <br />developer for the Bastanchury Greenb ,It. It is not likely that any development will occur within <br />the next 12 months. <br />For the reasons stated above, staff is recommending that Manassero Farms' lease be extended <br />for six months to January 31, 2001, wit an option to continue on a month-to-month basis at the <br />end of the six-month term. The termir~,~tion clause, which allows either party to terminate with <br />30 days' written notice, will remain in';~,leffect, as will the rest of the agreement. The current <br />Approved for Agenda: <br />Ci anager's O <br />ITEM #~ <br />