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RESOLUTION NO. I -8 <br />A RESOLUTION OF THE INDUSTRIAL DEVELOPMENT <br />AUTHORITY OF THE CITY OF FULLERTON AUTHOR- <br />IZING THE EXECUTION AND DELIVERY OF A SUP- <br />PLEMENTAL INDENTURE OF TRUST RELATING TO ITS <br />$3,500,000 VARIABLE RATE DEMAND REVENUE <br />BONDS, SERIES 1984 (PCL PACKAGING INC. PROJECT) <br />• WHEREAS, the Industrial Development Authority (the "Authority ") of <br />the City of Fullerton (the "City ") is an industrial development authority <br />duly created and existing pursuant to the California Industrial Development <br />Act (Title 10, Chapter 1, Articles 1 and 2 of the Government Code of the <br />State of California commencing with Section 91500) (the "Act "); and <br />WHEREAS, on November 20, 1984, the Authority adopted Resolution 1-5 <br />entitled "A RESOLUTION OF THE INDUSTRIAL DEVELOPMENT AUTHORITY OF THE CITY <br />OF FULLERTON AUTHORIZING ISSUANCE OF $3,500,000 INDUSTRIAL DEVELOPMENT REVE- <br />NUE BONDS FOR PCL.PACKAGING INC. "; <br />WHEREAS, on December 21, 1984, the Authority adopted Resolution I -7 <br />entitled "A RESOLUTION OF THE INDUSTRIAL'DEVELOPMENT AUTHORITY OF THE CITY <br />OF FULLERTON RATIFYING ALL ACTIONS TAKEN PURSUANT TO RESOLUTION I -5 AND <br />RECONFIRMING THE AUTHORIZATIONS AND APPROVALS THEREIN; AND ALLOCATING ITS <br />$3,500,000 ALLOCATION FOR PRIVATE ACTIVITY BONDS TO ITS VARIABLE RATE DEMAND <br />REVENUE BONDS, SERIES 1984 (PCL PACKAGING INC. PROJECT) "; <br />WHEREAS, E. F. Hutton & Company Inc., the original purchaser of the <br />$3,500,000 Variable Rate.Demand Revenue Bonds, Series 1984 (PCL Packaging, <br />Inc. Project) requested that a Supplemental Indenture of Trust be approved <br />and authorized by the Authority supplementing the Indenture of Trust approved <br />by the Authority in its Resolution I -7, and executed as of December 1, 1984, <br />by and among the Authority and First Interstate Bank of California and Chemi- <br />cal Bank; and <br />• WHEREAS, the Authority wishes to authorize the form of such Supplemental <br />Indenture of Trust in the form submitted to the Authority as of this date; <br />NOW THEREFORE, be it resolved by the Board of Directors of the Industrial <br />Development Authority of the City of Fullerton: <br />SECTION 1. The form of the Supplemental Indenture of Trust ( "Supple- <br />mental Indenture ") attached hereto is hereby approved, and officers or employees <br />of the Authority are hereby authorized to execute and deliver such Supple- <br />mental Indenture with such changes therein, deletions therefrom and modifi- <br />cations thereto as such officers and or employees may approve. <br />SECTION 2. The Authority's proper officers, agents and employees are <br />hereby authorized, empowered and directed to do all acts, and to execute and <br />deliver all documents contemplated by the Supplemental Indenture and any and <br />all other documents otherwise necessary or desirable for the execution and <br />delivery of the Supplemental Indenture. <br />SECTION 3. This resolution shall take: effect immediately upon its <br />adoption. <br />ADOPTED BY THE FULLERTON INDUSTRIAL DEVELOPMENT AUTHORITY on February 5 , <br />1985. <br />SIGNED AND APPROVED on February 6 , 1985. <br />• ATTEST: <br />/s/ Anne M. York <br />Anne M. York, Secretary <br />Fullerton Industrial Development <br />Authority <br />/s/ A. B. Catlin <br />Chairman, Fullerton Industrial <br />Development Authority <br />0 <br />r.J�1/t'I'Yl., �I�UGi - Q1rG4Q,. <br />°- Avpl ,I <br />