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Agency Report of: <br />Public Official Appointments <br />A Public Document <br />1. Agency Name <br />City of Fullerton <br />Name of Appointed Person <br />Appt Date and <br />Length of Term <br />For official use only <br />Division, Department, or Region (If Applicable) <br />Designated Agency Contact (Name, Title) <br />Lucinda Williams, City Clerk <br />1 1 <br />Page of <br />Date Posted: <br />3/18/2017 <br />Area Code/Phone Number <br />714-738-6355 <br />E-mail <br /> <br />(Month, Day, Vear) <br />2. Appointments <br />Agency Boards and <br />Commissions <br />Name of Appointed Person <br />Appt Date and <br />Length of Term <br />per Meeting/Annual Salary/Stipend <br />Orange County Sanitation <br />212.5 <br />District <br />(Name Sebourn, Greg <br />1 / 15 / 13 <br />1 Per Meeting: $ <br />1 <br />!Lest Fin) <br />AIM Dale <br />1 Estimated Annual. <br />Silva, Jesus <br />n/a <br />[1 $0-$1,000 <br />®$2,001-$3,000 <br />Alternate, if any <br />1 <br />Length of Term <br />(Les! Finll <br />❑ $1,00142,000 <br />❑ <br />oma. <br />Orange County Water <br />221.13 <br />District Board <br />(Name Whitaker, Bruce <br />1 2 / 7 / 17 <br />1 Per Meeting: $ <br />App(Dole <br />(Lest Firs1) <br />1 Estimated Annual: <br />n/a <br />/ 4years <br />❑$o-$1,000 <br />[1 $2,00143,000 <br />Alternate, if any <br />Length efT /m <br />(Les. Fe i <br />❑$t,001-$z,oao <br />5307 <br />El <br />omer <br />Orange County Vector <br />Control Board <br />(Name Fitzgerald, Jennifer <br />1 2 / 7 / 17 <br />1 Per Meeting: $ <br />100 <br />(Lest Feet) <br />Appt net. <br />Sebourn, Greg <br />1 year <br />1 Estimated Annual: <br />Alternate, if any <br />1 <br />[1 $041,000 <br />❑$2,001-$3,000 <br />(Leat First, <br />Length ohne <br />®$1,001-$2,000 <br />❑ <br />Other <br />(Name <br />1 / / <br />1 Per Meeting: $ <br />(laa( First) <br />AgIf Dale <br />1 Estimated Annual. <br />Alternate, if any <br />1 <br />❑$0-$1,000 <br />❑$2,00143,000 <br />Length or Term <br />(Lest. Pm) <br />❑$1,00142,000 <br />❑ <br />Off, <br />3:' Verification <br />1 If i read and understand FPPC Regulation 18702.5. 1 have verified that the appointment and information identified above is true to the best of my information and belief. <br />Lucinda Williams City Clerk 3-20-2017 <br />r —'Signature ofAgency Head or Designee Print Name Title (Month, Day, Year) <br />FPPC Form 806 (4/16) <br />FPPC Toll -Free Helpline: 866/ASK-FPPC (86612753772) <br />