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FULLERTON COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT DEPARTMENT <br />SPECIAL EVENT NOTICE <br />Recurring Food Truck Event — 2801 Brea Boulevard <br />Why Am 1 Receiving This Notice? <br />Fullerton Municipal Code Section 15.58.060 requires an <br />applicant wishing to hold a special event on private property <br />to notify adjacent property owners no later than (5) days <br />before the event is held. You are receiving this notice <br />because your property is located adjacent to the subject <br />property. <br />Special Event Details <br />The applicant, Brats Berlin Inc., is requesting to hold a recurring <br />food truck event in the EvFree Fullerton church parking lot. The <br />proposed event includes amplified music (DJ for ambience <br />music). The anticipated number of attendees at any given time <br />is approximately 100 people. Additional details for these events <br />are as follows: <br />❑ Event Dates: Fridays, beginning June 21, 2019 through no <br />later than November 1, 2019 <br />❑ Event Time: 5:00 PM — 9:00 PM <br />w <br />W <br />J <br />r <br />_ <br />E ROLLING HILLS <br />DR <br />z- <br />BOXWOODAVE <br />03O <br />BEECH4VOODAVELE <br />JE <br />0 <br />gNDE <br />s <br />,AT DR VISTA <br />o <br />p <br />Q <br />GRANDE <br />E BASTANCHURY RD �� <br />e <br />�Q <br />MILL LN <br />N <br />❑ Event Location: 2801 North Brea Boulevard, EvFree parking lot adjacent to parking structure <br />Who To Contact For Questions or Comments Prior To The Event <br />If you have any questions or would like to comment prior to the event, please contact Andrew Kusch with the <br />Community Development Department at (714) 738-6550 or you can send an email to andrewk( <br />Who To Contact For Questions or Comments Durinq the Event <br />During the event, should you have concerns regarding the events compliance with the Fullerton Municipal Code, <br />please contact Code Enforcement at (714) 773-5704 or you may file a complaint online at: <br />httl)s:// support/service requests/default.asp. <br />Si tiene preguntas en espariol, favor de Ilamar a Christine Hernandez al (714) 738-3163. <br />ti�OI 9-0401 ER8f-kIc,4 s2I 21'`°1011711 C61.F NT)1IR (714) 738-6563. <br />