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CITY OF FULLERTON <br />of the <br />STATE OF CALIFORNIA <br />INVITATION TO BID <br />for <br />ADA SELF-EVALUATION AND TRANSITION PLAN UPDATE <br />PHASE I — CITY BUILDINGS <br />Request for proposal (RFP) is available at Arc Document Solution. Please be advised that <br />there is an additional charge for delivery. Upon payment of the purchase price, they become <br />the property of the purchaser and may not be returned for refund. <br />You may access the RFP through the following website under Public Planroom: <br /> <br />For help accessing and ordering, please contact a Planwell Administrator at 714.424.8525 <br />Sealed Proposals for ADA SELF-EVALUATION AND TRANSITION PLAN UPDATE - PHASE I <br />— CITY BUILDINGS, will be received at the Engineering Public Front Counter, Fullerton City <br />Hall, 303 West Commonwealth Avenue, 2nd floor, Fullerton, CA 92832 until 4:00 p.m., Monday, <br />July 29, 2019. No proposals will be accepted after the deadline stated above. <br />Bids are required for the entire work as described in the RFP. The City reserves the right to <br />accept or reject any or all proposals. <br />This project is federally funded and the consultant shall conform to all federal requirements. <br />For this contract, the consultant's team shall include an individual certified by the <br />Certified Access Specialist Program (CASP). <br />The successful consultant(s) and sub-consultant(s) are required to obtain and maintain a City of <br />Fullerton business license. The license shall be maintained for the duration of the Agreement. A <br />current business license is not a prerequisite for submittal of the qualifications. The contract will <br />not be executed until the contractor and sub-contractor(s) obtain such certificate from the <br />Business Registration Office at City Hall, 303 West Commonwealth Avenue, Room 104, <br />Fullerton, CA 92832. <br />In the awarding of the contract, the City shall give equal opportunity to all bidders, regardless of <br />sex, race, creed, color, national, or ethnic origin. <br />Any questions regarding this bid package may be referred to Juan Zavala, Public Works <br />Department Engineering Division at 714.738.6322. <br />Yelena Voronel <br />Acting City Engineer <br />