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Agenda Report <br />Fullerton City Council <br />MEETING DATE:OCOTBER 1, 2019 <br />TO:CITY COUNCIL / SUCCESSOR AGENCY <br />SUBMITTED BY:KENNETH A. DOMER, CITY MANAGER <br />PREPARED BY:MEG McWADE, PUBLIC WORKS DIRECTOR <br />JON ORNDORFF, PUBLIC WORKS ANALYST <br />SUBJECT:AGREEMENT FOR SHARING COSTS FOR AMERICA’S <br />WATER INFRASTRUCTURE ACT COMPLIANCE RISK <br />AND RESILIENCY ASSESSMENT AND EMERGENCY <br />RESPONSE PLAN (PHASES II AND III) <br />SUMMARY <br />Request to enter into a shared consultant costs agreement with Metropolitan Water <br />District of Orange County (MWDOC) to provide compliance with the American Water <br />Infrastructure Act. The agreement is for Phases II and III which will create a Risk and <br />Resiliency Assessment (RRA) and Emergency Response Plan (ERP). <br />RECOMMENDATION <br />Authorize the City Manager to execute an agreement with MWDOC for professional <br />services for the RRA and ERP for Phases II and III in the amount of $145,228, in a form <br />approved by the City Attorney. <br />PRIORITY POLICY STATEMENT <br />This item matches the following Priority Policy Statements: <br />Fiscal and Organizational Stability <br />Public Safety <br />Infrastructure and City Assets.