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Agenda Report <br />Fullerton City Council <br />MEETING DATE:OCTOBER 1, 2019 <br />TO:CITY COUNCIL / SUCCESSOR AGENCY <br />SUBMITTED BY:KENNETH A. DOMER, CITY MANAGER <br />PREPARED BY:MATT FOULKES, COMMUNITY AND ECONOMIC <br />DEVELOPMENT DIRECTOR <br />SUBJECT:TEMPORARY SAFE PARKING PROGRAM FOR PEOPLE <br />EXPERIENCING HOMELESSNESS <br />SUMMARY <br />Consideration of a six-month temporary Safe Parking Program with the Illumination <br />Foundation,or other service provider,as requested by the City Council at its July 2, 2019 <br />meeting to allow for limited overnight parking for people experiencing homeless and / or <br />families who currently dwell in their vehicles.There are no locations for the temporary <br />program yet identified. <br />RECOMMENDATION <br />1.Authorize the City Manager, or his designee, to execute a Lease Agreement or other <br />appropriate document and a Professional Services Agreement with the Illumination <br />Foundation or other qualified service provider, in forms to be approved by the City <br />Attorney, and take all necessary actions to complete the implementation of a <br />temporary Safe Parking Program. <br />2.Appropriate use of Low-Mod Income Housing Set Aside Fund (Fund 80) in an amount <br />not to exceed $100,000 (Non-General Fund) to implement a six-month Safe Parking <br />Program. <br />PRIORITY POLICY STATEMENT <br />This item matches the following Priority Policy Statements: <br />ï‚·Infrastructure and City Assets <br />ï‚·Public Safety.