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Ordinance 3254 Allowing the Use of Mechanical and Automated Parking Devices and Tandem Parking[Icon] 8 IMAGES000015 Ordinances
Ordinance 3255 Permit Beekeeping and Related Ancillary Uses in Residential Zones[Icon] 6 IMAGES000015 Ordinances
Ordinance 3256 Update Land Use and Procedural Provisions Applicable to the Public Land Zone[Icon] 4 IMAGES000015 Ordinances
Ordinance 3257 Disband Economic Development Commission[Icon] 2 IMAGES000016 Ordinances
Ordinance 3258 Setting Forth Conditions Governing Commission and Committee Appointments[Icon] 5 IMAGES000015 Ordinances
Ordinance 3259 Park and Recreation Commission[Icon] 4 IMAGES000015 Ordinances
Ordinance 3260 Pertaining to the Planning Commission[Icon] 4 IMAGES000015 Ordinances
Ordinance 3261 Pertaining to the Transportation and Circulation Commission[Icon] 3 IMAGES000015 Ordinances
Ordinance 3262 Pertaining to the Underground Utilities Commission[Icon] 2 IMAGES000015 Ordinances
Ordinance 3263 Amending Emergency Shelters and Multiservice Centers for Homeless[Icon] 3 IMAGES000016 Ordinances
Ordinance 3264 Amending Reserve Police Force[Icon] 3 IMAGES000016 Ordinances
Ordinance 3265 Relating to Park Regulations[Icon] 2 IMAGES000017 Ordinances
Ordinance 3266 Animal Control Provisions[Icon] 5 IMAGES000016 Ordinances
Ordinance 3267 Disbanding the DRC[Icon] 13 IMAGES000016 Ordinances
Ordinance 3268 Relating to Council Vacancies[Icon] 3 IMAGES000017 Ordinances
Ordinance 3269 Requirements for Establishing Emergency Shelters for Homeless at Religious Institutions[Icon] 4 IMAGES000017 Ordinances
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