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N <br /> F 74< <br /> Agenda R <br /> tj Nis <br /> Oq4/FOR"`P , , <br /> Fullerton City Council <br /> MEETING DATE: JULY 18, 2017 <br /> TO: CITY COUNCIL / CITY MANAGER <br /> FROM: HUMAN RESOURCES DEPARTMENT <br /> SUBJECT: CHIEF OF POLICE EMPLOYMENT AGREEMENT <br /> SUMMARY <br /> An employment agreement with David Hendricks setting forth the terms of his <br /> employment as Fullerton Chief of Police. <br /> RECOMMENDATION <br /> That the City Council: <br /> 1. Authorize the Mayor to execute an Employment Agreement appointing David <br /> Hendricks as Chief of Police for a period of five years commencing August 7, <br /> 2017 or the date on which the City receives certification that Hendricks has <br /> cleared all required components of the California Peace Officer Standards and <br /> Training background investigation, whichever occurs later. <br /> 2. Adopt Resolution 2017-XX amending the Executive Compensation Plan <br /> (Resolution 2011-90) to exclude applicability to the Chief of Police and to cause <br /> all references to the compensation or benefits for the Chief of Police to be <br /> considered deleted in their entirety including deletion of the Chief of Police <br /> classification from Appendix A. <br /> 3. Adopt Resolution 2017-XX amending Resolution 2017-44 establishing the base <br /> salary for the Chief of Police classification at $229,200. <br /> FISCAL IMPACT <br /> The fiscal impact of the proposed employment agreement is projected to be $387,008 in <br /> fiscal year 2017/2018 (eleven month value) with an annualized value of $422,191. No <br /> budget adjustment is required. <br /> DISCUSSION <br /> The extensive search and selection process for Chief of Police began in November <br /> 2016, led by the executive recruiting firm of Bob Murray & Associates. Fred Freeman <br />