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O� FUt�� <br />, Agenda R <br />0 <br />V � �; 2 <br />Oq�/FOR�\P Fullerton City Council <br />MEETING DATE: DECEMBER 5, 2017 <br />TO: CITY COUNCIL / CITY MANAGER <br />FROM: COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT DEPARTMENT <br />SUBJECT: FOX BLOCK DEVELOPMENT PLAN — PREFERRED <br />DEVELOPMENT ALTERNATIVE <br />SUMMARY <br />Consideration and recommendation by the City Council regarding the preferred <br />development alternative for the Fox Block Development. <br />RECOMMENDATION <br />Provide direction to City staff on which development alternative to pursue for the Fox <br />Block Development properties and recommendations regarding financing alternatives. <br />FISCAL IMPACT <br />There is no fiscal impact associated with this action. Future agreements with Pelican <br />Communities for the development of the subject properties will come back to the City <br />Council for review and authorization. These future actions will include any fiscal impacts <br />that would be associated with the action. <br />DISCUSSION / BACKGROUND <br />In June, 2016 the City partnered with Pelican Communities to prepare a plan for <br />development of several city -owned properties surrounding the Fox Theater by executing <br />an Exclusive Negotiating Agreement. Over the past 17 -months Pelican Communities, in <br />partnership with City staff, has completed the community outreach / data gathering <br />phase of the project which resulted in four development alternatives. These <br />development alternatives were presented to the City Council, Planning Commission and <br />the Community at a joint Study Session on August 29, 2017. At that meeting, the City <br />Council, Planning Commission and members of the public provided feedback on the <br />alternatives presented and identified several additional concepts or components to be <br />considered. Based on the information provided at the Study Session, and follow-up <br />